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5 reasons that living in Laval is better than Montréal

Do you really have to choose between hectic city living and the calm of the suburbs when deciding whether to settle in Montréal or Laval?

Not necessarily! To help you make an informed choice, learn more about the popular beliefs that these two cities typically oppose:

True or false?

  • Montréal offers a full cultural life while Laval is just a commercial hub.
    FALSE: Laval offers more and more cultural activities thanks to its Festival Diapason, which promotes emerging artists.
  • In Montréal, it’s difficult to get around by car and even harder to find parking.
    TRUE: Car use in Montréal is a real headache and the lack of parking is a problem
  • In Laval, you can’t get around by public transit alone, you need a car.
    FALSE: Laval has a very complete and easy-to-use public transport network.
  • Laval is a corrupt city.
    FALSE, since Mayor Marc Demers came to power, Laval has recovered tens of millions of dollars that had been embezzled. And these funds have greatly improved the quality of life for its inhabitants.


Living in Laval rather than Montreal: make an informed choice

Laval is now a bustling city that has no need to envy its neighbour, Montréal. With its multitude of activities, green spaces and shopping areas, Laval is a great place to live for young couples, families and seniors. 


Here are 5 reasons that living in Laval is better than living in Montréal

  1. Laval: a premium location

    Is your job in downtown Montréal? No problem: Laval is 30 minutes – sometimes even less – from the centre of the metropolis! Laval’s prime location with a well-developed public transit network connecting Laval and Montréal by train, bus and metro will make your daily commute easier. Plus, you will also enjoy quick access to one of the ultimate vacation destinations: the magnificentLaurentians, just 30 minutes from Laval by car. Escape into nature on the weekends with ease!

  2. A city surrounded by nature

    Do you prefer to limit your trips or you don’t have a car? Laval also offers many outdoor activities a few minutes by car, walking, cycling or public transit. 

    – Mille-Îles River Park for your canoe trips or a peaceful place for a picnic.
    – Centre de la Nature: described as a mini Central Park where you can fish, visit a farm with your children or go cross-country skiing and tobogganing.
    – The Bois de l’Equerre in the Sainte-Rose district offers a trail that’s accessible to everyone (age-friendly and wheelchair accessible).

  3. Centropolis is full of activities

    Enjoy good meals, meeting with friends on a terrace, or new family activities ?

    Centropolis offers you a unique lifestyle : 

    – About thirty restaurants and terraces for every taste
    – A year-round festive atmosphere with many activities and shows in the central square
    – Varied indoor activities for young and old (putting edge, sky venture, escape games, and more)
    Enough to make Laval the city of choice for entertainment and fun evenings !

  4. An environment that suits every generation

    Did you know that Laval is a certified child-friendly AND senior-friendly municipality?

    It has all the necessary amenities to meet the needs of the different generations. 

    Passionate retirees will find all kinds of cultural activities (art galleries, painting and sculpture symposium, performance halls) and sports activities (trails accessible to all at Bois de l’Equerre).

    Energetic families will enjoy the many parks and indoor activities. In addition to having access to a large selection of public and private elementary and high schools, a CEGEP and three university campuses (UdeM, UQAM and UdeS).

    More adventurous young professionals can live life to the rhythm of a happening city.

  5. The place for athletes

    Laval is the city for satisfying sports fans.

    There are more than 700 sports facilities, including Place Bell, which has 2 skating rinks, baseball and soccer parks, and a brand new aquatic complex.

    Cyclists of all levels can tour the island (totaling approximately 85 km) on the green route. 

    And, since the city is surrounded by water, water sports fans can explore it by kayak or canoe.


    Where to live Laval

    After discovering the many advantages of settling in Laval, one last question arises:

    Where’s the most advantageous place to live in Laval?

    For all the activities and amenities that Laval has to offer, choose a new SOLÉA rental condo!

    From their prime location, you’ll have quick access to:

    – Public transit (walking distance to the Montmorency metro station)
    – Centropolis
    – Centre de la nature
    – Highways 15 and 440 to make your traveling easier

    These new condos are also distinguished by their warm, contemporary style. Live in comfort and enjoy friendly common areas such as a swimming pool, a gym and an urban chalet to meet up with your family or forge new friendships.

    Treat yourself to an extraordinary quality of life: rent a new Soléa condo!